Calvary Homeschool Group

Connecting CCSE moms and kids who homeschool!

We as the Calvary Homeschool Group (CHG) are a group of CCSE moms, all who have at least one school-aged kiddo they are homeschooling. Our mission statement is “connecting CCSE moms and kids who homeschool”, and these are our 5 main goals:

  • Creating opportunities for CCSE K-12 homeschool kids (and their younger siblings) to be alongside other homeschool peers on a regular basis
  • Providing fun field trips and a variety of learning opportunities with other CCSE homeschool kids
  • Learning and reinforcing the Word of God as our foundation
  • Helping CCSE homeschool kids have a group setting where they can learn and practice social skills and walk out the “love your neighbor” commandment
  • Creating fellowship and support among CCSE homeschool moms pursuing Christ, seeking to raise and school their children as unto the Lord

We would love to have any new to CCSE families who also homeschool join us in our fellowship! Please contact Angela Brown using the form below for more info on how to get connected!